A Battle Against Demons

– by Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig



– album by Kjell

“Kjell teamed up with Orion’s Shadow to create the single which any fans of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are sure to appreciate. If you don’t get chills by the time this track fades out, you might want to check if you have a pulse.”

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Rockin in the free world - single by Kjell

Rocking in the Free World (Neil Young Cover)

Rocking in the Free World - Neil Young cover «I wanted to create the feeling of a live studio recording, even though I played all instruments myself» "Nice interpretation, haven’t heard it like this before. Like this it could have been an old Rolling Stones...


Se snøen

Se snøen - en slags vintersang IKKE ALLE HAR NOEN Å DELE JULA MED Ny sang! Julesang? Njaei... kanskje. Vintersang? Ja, det er det nok. Klikk gjerne inn for å høre min nyeste skapelse "Se snøen". Det reflekteres litt rundt alle de som er aleine nå når høytia kommer...


My partner Orions Shadow

Bag of Bones is featuring Heinz and his ORION’s SHADOW.Born in Austria, Heinz grew up with a love for music. Encouraged by his teacher, and his parents, he soon started to learn the basics of music theory on an organ. When the digital age broke, Heinz learned the...


Midlands Metalheads Radio- «26&17 on the air»

Midlands Metalheads Radio 26&17 a single from the album Bag of Bones  A huge thank you to Midlands Metalheads Radio for talking about my record and playing the song 26&17. The talk about Bag of Bones starts at the 144th minute of the show. You can listen to...


Review: Bag of Bones – single

Bag of Bones Bag of Bones was written after I had watched the movie The Revenant. I wanted to catch the essence of the evil characters – the indians. Something dangerous going from village to village, in a small boat down the river, with a need to fill its Bag of...


I Remember You – single

I  Remember you - from the album Bag of Bones by Kjell. I watched a documentary about the kids who survived the holocaust. There were interviews with the kids today - as old ladies and gentlemen. I was very moved by their stories. I was so full of emotions after...



Music is everywhere:


– album av Kjell


– music is everywhere

Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig is a creative – art director, author, musician, home studio owner and a family father.